6 strategies to become a faster debugger

October 28, 20195 min read

Developers spend between 50% and 75% of their coding time debugging. Becoming a faster debugger would free up a lot of time for more challenging problems. Here are 6 strategies for speeding up your debugging time.

Linked lists and scavenger hunts

October 26, 20195 min read

A scavenger hunt is a physical representation of a linked list. A linked list is a data structure characterized by sequential data access and no random access.

Recursion and Russian nesting dolls

October 25, 20194 min read

Recursion has a reputation in computer science of being intimidating but what is it exactly? Russian nesting dolls are a great metaphor for recursion so let's use them as an example to break it down in an easy-to-understand way.

Our first 1:1 agenda

October 20, 20197 min read

Intentional relationship building is an important part of being a successful manager. You support people achieving their goals and pushing their career forward. The first 1:1 with a new report is a great time to be intentional and set the tone for your relationship.

Set theory and cute Instagram accounts

October 19, 20194 min read

Venn diagrams are a great way to think about set theory. In this post, we'll use Venn diagrams to see how our Instagram feed would change based on various set theory operations.

Big O notation and cupcakes

October 17, 20196 min read

When you cooking with ratios, the amount of ingredients you need changes in proportion to how much of the food you want to make. Big O notation measures the relative complexity of a function or algorithm in proportion to the size of the function’s input.

Pillars of supportive management: Recognition

October 02, 20194 min read

Recognition is a wonderful space to pause and publicly acknowledge the hard work and effort someone is putting in on their path to growth. Of my three pillars of management, it's is my favorite one.

Pillars of supportive management: Accountability

October 01, 20195 min read

Accountability might sound harsh but when it comes to a supportive work environment, knowing goals and expectations helps everyone share in each other’s professional challenges and accomplishments. We can support and celebrate our team when we’re all accountable.

Pillars of supportive management: Feedback

September 30, 20196 min read

Effective feedback builds trust among team members. Creating a culture of feedback opens lines of communication and provides a framework for productive conversation.

Identifying Your Core Values

September 29, 20193 min read

Core values allow you to clearly define and name what you believe to be most important. They give you a mechanism for evaluating your decisions and for identifying thoughts and behaviors that align with your beliefs.