Mercedes Bernard speaking

Values-driven, growth-oriented software engineering leader dedicated to creating opportunity

In my approach to software delivery and technical leadership, I learn everything I can about my client's and my team's goals to make an actionable plan and create opportunities to achieve success.

I view my clients as partners and bring a unique blend of technical expertise, non-technical language, and empathetic insight to my work.

As a leader, I strive to foster an environment where each individual’s unique set of strengths and ideas have space to grow and better the organization.

Recent blog posts

Tech Transformation Takes More Than Just Software

April 27, 20215 min read

To successfully modernize your legacy technical systems, you have to start by modernizing the human systems that support them.

When is the Right Time to Pay Down Tech Debt?

March 09, 20214 min read

Technical debt in software projects is unavoidable. It’s the cost of doing business. The key to maintaining a healthy codebase is proactive debt management.

Telling your story with Git

October 14, 20206 min read

I love "green", atomic commits. But I'm human and my brain doesn't work linearly. Here are some of my favorite commands for rewriting local Git history.