Mercedes Bernard | Software engineering leader
Mercedes Bernard speaking

Values-driven, growth-oriented software engineering and leadership

When I'm building software, I learn everything I can about my users' and my team's goals. I make actionable plans and create opportunities to succeed.

I view my stakeholders as partners. And I bring a unique blend of technical expertise, non-technical language, and empathetic insight to my work.

I foster an environment where everyone's unique strengths and ideas have space to grow.

Recent blog posts

Supporting Private Access Tokens on your web server

March 03, 20238 min read

Private Access Tokens (PATs) are being touted as an end to CAPTCHAs. How do you update your app or web server to accept PATs?

Ode to VSCode Snippets

May 24, 20227 min read

Snippets are powerful. This one little tool can reduce toil and make it easier to follow your team's style conventions. They're also fun to play with. Work smarter not harder!

Pay equity audit: How-to

May 06, 202210 min read

A pay equity audit is a big undertaking. A well-planned methodology helps it run smoothly. In this post, I share the audit process I've used and some considerations for each step.