Set theory and cute Instagram accounts

October 19, 20194 min read

Venn diagrams are a great way to think about set theory. In this post, we'll use Venn diagrams to see how our Instagram feed would change based on various set theory operations.

Big O notation and cupcakes

October 17, 20196 min read

When you cooking with ratios, the amount of ingredients you need changes in proportion to how much of the food you want to make. Big O notation measures the relative complexity of a function or algorithm in proportion to the size of the function’s input.

Pillars of supportive management: Recognition

October 02, 20194 min read

Recognition is a wonderful space to pause and publicly acknowledge the hard work and effort someone is putting in on their path to growth. Of my three pillars of management, it's is my favorite one.

Pillars of supportive management: Accountability

October 01, 20195 min read

Accountability might sound harsh but when it comes to a supportive work environment, knowing goals and expectations helps everyone share in each other’s professional challenges and accomplishments. We can support and celebrate our team when we’re all accountable.

Pillars of supportive management: Feedback

September 30, 20196 min read

Effective feedback builds trust among team members. Creating a culture of feedback opens lines of communication and provides a framework for productive conversation.

Identifying Your Core Values

September 29, 20193 min read

Core values allow you to clearly define and name what you believe to be most important. They give you a mechanism for evaluating your decisions and for identifying thoughts and behaviors that align with your beliefs.

Understanding Student & Child Privacy Regulations: COPPA

September 12, 20196 min read

COPPA is a comprehensive law aimed at protecting children’s privacy on the internet.

Understanding Student and Child Privacy Regulations: PPRA

September 10, 20194 min read

The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) protects the rights of parents and students to consent so sharing highly sensitive information in surveys, analyses, or evaluations.

Understanding Student and Child Privacy Regulations: FERPA

September 09, 20196 min read

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects student education records by granting rights to parents and eligible students—students who are 18 or older or enrolled in postsecondary school.

7 tips for a successful coding workshop

June 17, 20195 min read

I’ve compiled my biggest takeaways from my recent unit testing and Heroku deployment workshop to hopefully help you with your next workshop prep.