How to ask for help

March 22, 20223 min read

Asking for help is a skill like anything else. The better you get at how you ask questions, the better your team and senior engineers will be able to support you–and the more quickly you will level up.

The art of estimation

March 15, 202211 min read

Estimating is HARD but it's a skill that you can hone like any other, such as coding or professional communication.

What to include in a PR description

March 08, 20224 min read

When I'm working with a new team, a question that comes up often is "What info should I include in my PR description?" A good PR description can open doors to quicker and more productive PR reviews.

How I review pull requests

February 28, 20226 min read

Code review is an integral part of most teams' workflows. But knowing exactly what to look at while you're reviewing a team member's code or how to organize your thoughts can be hard.

Tech Transformation Takes More Than Just Software

April 27, 20215 min read

To successfully modernize your legacy technical systems, you have to start by modernizing the human systems that support them.

When is the Right Time to Pay Down Tech Debt?

March 09, 20214 min read

Technical debt in software projects is unavoidable. It’s the cost of doing business. The key to maintaining a healthy codebase is proactive debt management.

Telling your story with Git

October 14, 20206 min read

I love "green", atomic commits. But I'm human and my brain doesn't work linearly. Here are some of my favorite commands for rewriting local Git history.

Jest Mocking Strategies

July 12, 202013 min read

I've been spending too much time wrestling with uncooperative mocks. This post breaks down what to consider when mocking with Jest and a variety of strategies for structuring your mock implementations.

Code Isn’t Neutral: How We Instill Our Values

July 07, 20204 min read

Code doesn’t live in a vacuum: by existing in our world and society, the products our code creates are not neutral. Developers have the opportunity to express their values within the code itself.

Boxes and lines: a frugal person's UML

July 06, 20206 min read

Time is expensive. Learning all the subtleties of UML would take a lot of time and require your audience to do the same. Boxes and lines are all you need to create informative diagrams that everyone can understand.