Weaving in ends: a life philosophy

January 05, 20193 min read

I was on the bus earlier this week and I was working on a crochet Christmas stocking. As I was crocheting and moving the ends from my color work out of the way, I had a thought about how your approach to weaving in ends says a lot of your life philosophy.

Crochet, Code, Craft

July 06, 20189 min read

We should reframe how we think about code and think of it as a craft. Writing elegant code requires all of the same components as crafting.

What software developers can learn about onboarding from the crochet community

June 19, 20184 min read

My experience within the crochet community has given me some ideas for ways the software development industry should improve our approach to onboarding.

Reflections on YarnCon 2018

April 23, 20182 min read

YarnCon celebrated its 11th year in Chicago this April 7th and 8th. Last year was my very first YarnCon, and its quickly becoming one of my most looked-forward-to events of the year.

Spinning yarn: Connecting to the past when technology is focused on the future

August 01, 20174 min read

The practice of spinning yarn hasn’t changed much since its first introduction. The tools have evolved and become more efficient, but the…

Crochet patterns and pixel art

July 21, 20173 min read

I’ve never considered myself an artistic person. To me creativity and an artistic eye are very different. I have the ideas but often feel…

Permanence in the digital age

July 20, 20172 min read

When you work in tech, you are forced to be humble. Much of the work that you do, whether its code you’ve written or landing pages you’ve…