How to talk technical without talking technical

Think back to the last time you needed to communicate a technical concept to a client or executive in your company. You knew there were big benefits to be had by rearchitecting the data model or refactoring that monolithic application into a microservice architecture. Were you met with blank stares? Or a defensive attitude about how it cost too much and wasn’t worth it?

What about a lower stakes scenario where you were conducting a discovery workshop with a new client and you had so many ideas you could implement to improve their business. Were you able to communicate those ideas in a way that excited everyone in the room with you?

Or maybe you are early in your technology career and technical communication was never taught in your classroom. How do you begin?

After this talk, you will walk away with techniques for communicating complex technical concepts to a non-technical audience. Your stakeholders will be more likely to share your passion for tech and understand how your ideas will benefit their business. You will be more confident and as a result, the decision makers will have more confidence in you and the innovations you are pitching.

THAT Conference 2018

SlidesBlogAugust 08, 2018