Step-by-step guide to create fair and representative code challenges

October 30, 20199 min read

Code challenges should be representative of the work a candidate will do for the role they are applying for. Rewriting code challenges to fit a role is a lot of work, but here's a step by step guide to simplify it.

Our first 1:1 agenda

October 20, 20197 min read

Intentional relationship building is an important part of being a successful manager. You support people achieving their goals and pushing their career forward. The first 1:1 with a new report is a great time to be intentional and set the tone for your relationship.

Pillars of supportive management: Recognition

October 02, 20194 min read

Recognition is a wonderful space to pause and publicly acknowledge the hard work and effort someone is putting in on their path to growth. Of my three pillars of management, it's is my favorite one.

Pillars of supportive management: Accountability

October 01, 20195 min read

Accountability might sound harsh but when it comes to a supportive work environment, knowing goals and expectations helps everyone share in each other’s professional challenges and accomplishments. We can support and celebrate our team when we’re all accountable.

Pillars of supportive management: Feedback

September 30, 20196 min read

Effective feedback builds trust among team members. Creating a culture of feedback opens lines of communication and provides a framework for productive conversation.

Identifying Your Core Values

September 29, 20193 min read

Core values allow you to clearly define and name what you believe to be most important. They give you a mechanism for evaluating your decisions and for identifying thoughts and behaviors that align with your beliefs.

Empowering Early Career Devs: Strategies for your team

November 14, 20187 min read

This is the third in a three part series on empowering early career devs. In this post, I’ll give you strategies to build a process tailored to your team to empower the early career developers on your team.

Empowering Early Career Devs: My current team process

November 13, 20188 min read

This is the second in a three part series on empowering early career devs. In this post, I’ll cover the processes we’ve been putting in place on my current team to facilitate opportunities for my early career team members to be empowered.

Empowering Early Career Devs: Why its important

November 12, 20186 min read

This is the first in a three part series on empowering early career devs. In this post, I’ll cover why its so important for those of us in senior or lead roles to invest in and encourage the early career talent on our teams.

Remove junior from your vocabulary

September 03, 20183 min read

I'm giving a talk in November about empowering early-career developers. Not junior developers. I'm trying to remove "junior" from my vocabulary. Why? Let me explain.